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Magnesium hydroxide flame retardants

Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) provides flame retardance similar to ATH, but it dehydrates at 626°F (330°C). Like ATH, it contains no halogens or heavy metals. Kemgard ® Flame Retardants and Smoke Suppressants

Meishen magnesium hydroxide purity: 92%-99.5%, is excellent flame retardant for plastic, rubber products.

Flame Retardant MagShield® is a non-halogenated, high purity magnesium hydroxide powder for use as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant in plastic compounds for thermoplastic olefins, plastic building materials, select wire and cable applications, and plastic fillers and coatings.

Synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide is produced by YINRUI FLAME RETARDANT with D50 0.9-1.3 micron and hexagonal plate One important application of Mg(OH)2 is the use of the material in the pharmaceutical industry, for example as antacid to neutralize stomach acids and as laxative.

The most important product categories are brominated compounds, organophosphorus compounds, chlorinated compounds, aluminum trihydroxide, antimony oxide, boron compounds, magnesium hydroxide, and “other” flame retardant products.

Magnesium hydroxide acts good flame retardant and smoke suppressant, and has been widely used many fields, such as plastics, rubber, coating and so on. Although magnesium hydroxide flame retardant has many substitutes, the products still achieves good growth in the past years.

In the application of PVC, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can effectively reduce smoke and absorption of acidic gas. (9)Wallboard Wallboards have a vertical characteristic, it is easy to create vertical combustion and plus the matrix is polyethylene polymer. Therefore, there is more a need to adopt magnesium hydroxide flame retardant.

Natural Magnesium Hydroxide for fire retardant. Magnesium Hydroxide flame retardant is a halogen-free flame retardant. As an inorganic additive non-toxic flame retardant, it has many properties, such as flame-retardant, smoke suppression, drop resistance, filling and so on.

Magnesium hydroxide for flame retardant used for semiconductor encapsulant that we succeeded in pioneering development . Features. Recently, plastic products are prevented from burning easily by the use of various flame retardants, due to demand for plastic products with flame resistance.

It is widely used to produce magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for cable sheath, septum, electronic equipment... Magnesium hydroxide for Cable Filler EVA is widely used to produce cable filling compound because of its easy filing and good compatibility with magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide is an inert filler, flame retardant and smoke suppressant for plastics,synthetic rubber, reinforced polyesters, phenolics and urethane foam.Magnesium hydroxide releases its 31% water when heated to above 325°C, Which cools the product below flash point to reduce fire occurrence.

Magnesium hydroxide appears to have a special synergy with this polymer, resulting in high levels of flame 3.2 Polypropylene This polymer is processed at about 200 which is close to the stability limit of most flame retardant fillers, but well within the capability of magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide is manufactured through coarse smash, micron smash, physics and chemistry purification and complex coating process. The product provides an excellent performance on both flame retarding and smoke restraining after compounding.

Magnesium Hydroxide For Fire Retardant. Magnesium Hydroxide for fire retardant, it can be pulverized and surface treated to produce non-halogen and non-toxic flame retardants. When fires occur, no toxic gas generation. So it is environment-friendly flame retardants.

The flame retardant effect of silicone treated magnesium hydroxide is better than that of stearic acid treated magnesium hydroxide and untreated magnesium hydroxide. Silicone treated magnesium hydroxide has lower damage to electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties of silicone rubber than the other two.

1 day ago· Global Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardants Market Report is the new offering at ‘The Market Reports’ which covers key company profile, their market share and other key details.

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This report studies the Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardants market status and outlook of global and major regions, from angles of manufacturers, regions, product types and end industries; this report analyzes the top manufacturers in global and major regions, and splits the Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardants market by product type and applications/end industries.

Magnesium hydroxide is a new kind of filling type flame retardant, through thermal decomposition releases combined water, absorb a large number of latent heat, in order to reduce its fill of synthetic materials in the surface temperature of flame, can inhibit polymer decomposition and the combustible gas generated by the effect of cooling.

Home > Chemical Industry Products > Halogen-Free Fire Retardant Additives > Magnesium Hydroxide. Magnesium Hydroxide Fire Retardant Additives (MDH) Huber’s magnesium hydroxide (MDH) products are flame retardants and smoke suppressants utilized in applications where processing temperatures are above 200 °C.

Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant Would you like to use magnesium hydroxide in order to make your products flame retardant, then ask Europiren B.V. for more information. Europiren B.V. developed a technique based on magnesium hydroxide in order to make materials such as PVC, TPO and bitumen flame retardant.

KMT Industrial (HK) Limited was founded in September 2008, which is specialized in researching, developing, producing and selling products such as Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium …

Magnesium hydroxide is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg(OH) 2. It occurs in nature as the mineral brucite. It is a white solid with low solubility in water (K sp = 5.61×10 −12). ... (e.g. London Olympic Stadium), and various flame retardant coatings.

Magnesium hydroxide is a new type of inorganic halogen-free flame retardant in recent years. It has multiple functions such as flame retardant, smoke … Our Product

Welcome to MAGNIFIN World Leaders in Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Hydroxide and Flame Retardant Filler Technology . MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte & Co KG manufactures and distributes a range of very high quality magnesium oxide and hydroxide powders, and special sodium silicates at it's state-of-the-art plant in Breitenau near Graz in the south ...

Magnesium Hydroxide is attracting attention because of its performance, price, low corrosiveness, and low toxicity. The current market for magnesium hydroxide in flame retardants is about ten million pounds per year, with the potential to surpass thirty million pounds per year in the near future.

Flame retardants for polymers. Ecopiren is a magnesium hydroxide which is milled and classified in a special way that could be used as an effective mineral flame retardant …

FR-20 is Magnesium Hydroxide. Inorganic, halogen-free flame retardant for use where halogen-containing flame retardants are limited or prohibited. Especially suitable for use with polypropylene. Two different particle size grades are available, S7 and S10, which have different particle size distributions and surface areas.

DREYPLAS is distributing new, environmental friendly and high temperature stable type of inorganic flame retardant – Magnesiumhydroxid Mg(OH)2 high purity grade. DREYPLAS source all flame ratardant materials from selected sources in China. Magnesiumhydroxide is a material made …

Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant Market Insights 2019, Global and Chinese Scenario is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant industry with a focus on the Chinese market.

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