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smithy 3 in 1 milling lathe combos how good are they

Nov 05, 2012· So these 3-in-1 combo machines seem to meet my criteria. The reviews I've read, do usually acknowledge that while they "are a compromise of both a lathe and a mill," that they "are surprisingly rigid and capable", So I think the 3-in-1 satisfies #2 and #3. The smithy in particular satisfies #4 very well. I'm taking #5 for granted.

The Unimat Mk. 3 hobby lathe, 3" swing and 8" bed, sets up as a milling machine and other tools. The lathe is no longer in production in this exact form, so if you have an older mk 3 and need a manual...

Update: This machine is SOLD and no longer available. Central Machinery T5980 Lathe Milling Machine Combo 3 in 1.

Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill Hobby or entry-level machinists will not want to pass up this versatile machine. Great for turning, cutting threads, drilling and milling small projects, this combo lathe is packed with extra add-ons like a 4-way turret tool post, 9-1/2-inch faceplate, 4-inch 3-jaw chuck, and a built-in rotating vise.

Jul 17, 2014· Are smithy lathe combo s all there cracked up to be? Thread starter ... If space is limited and you are willing to work within the constraints of a 3-in 1 machine, the Smithy is a good machine and more capable than a mini lathe and mini mill for just a few $$ more. ... I sold it and moved to separate lathe and mill. The 3 in 1 worked fine but I ...

The Smithy CB1220XL Review A Compact Combination Lathe-Mill-Drill . ... I just felt they would be a bit too small for many of my purposes. After more or less eliminating the other choices, I was left with looking at the compromises of a three-in-one machine. ... Figure 1: The Smithy 1220-XL Lathe-Mill-Drill.

How to Machine a Part on a Mill/Drill Machine - Basic Tutorial - Smithy Granite 3-in-1. Watch this video to learn the basic "good practices" for successful milling and drilling on a bench top milling machine. This milling tutorial is done on the Smithy Granite 3-in-1 machine.

Nov 15, 2001· They have a decent size combo mill lathe for what seems like a good price. Anyone using one of these? They ... They have a decent size combo mill lathe for what seems like a good price. Anyone using one of these? ... smithy lathe mill combo for sale, smithy machines 3 in 1 combination machines,

how they make money with their Smithy machines, and you can too! Some folks have even paid for their ... Smithy ® Combo 3-in-1 Lathe•Mill•Drill 12 12. Variable Speed Drive - with infinitely variable speeds. Adjustment is quick and easy, ... Jim made 28 bowls on his Smithy. Smithy ® Combo 3-in-1 Lathe•Mill…

Best small mill/lathe for a hobby shop. ... Micromill and lathe combo from littlemachineshop.com, ~$800 each. Smithy 3-in-1, ~$3k; My questions to r/Machinists: Are there any other brands out there for benchtop mills/lathes? Anyone have experience with any …

Combination Milling Machines Combination Milling Machines ... plus they give you the option of step pulley, geared head or variable speed pulley controls. We also carry a range of 3-in-1 machines that combine milling, drilling and lathing in one convenient unit. ... lathe mill drill combination smithy lathe parts. mill drill combinations. mill ...

Feb 08, 2007· Are "Smithy" 3 in 1 mill/lathe machines of good quality? They seem to be about the same price as overseas 3 in 1 machines, but I've found that the imported machines are not high quality machines. I'm thinking about getting the Midas 1220.

Smithy Multi-Purpose Lathe Mill Milling Machine Combo 3 in 1 LOTS of TOOLING – YouTubeVideo will open in a new window I have here a good working Smithy 3 in 1 lathe mill combo.

Dec 29, 2013· Board index The Home Machinist! 3-in-1 Metalworking Machines; ... Maybe a used Austrian-made Emco Maximat in good condition. Top. kermit Posts: 44 ... I have read and been told by those more knowledgeable than I that you should stay away form the lathe/mill combos as they do neither operation very well.

Used Smithy Granite MAX Combo Lathe & Mill & Drill 13″ x 24″ Used Smithy Granite MAX Combo Lathe & Mill & Drill, Mdl. 1324 MX, 2 Axis Smithy DRO, Tool Post & Holders, Stand With Casters, Harvest Drill, Bed Clamp Sets, Extra Compound with 4 Way Tool Post, Drill Chuck and Arbor, 3 Jaw Chuck, Live Center, Chuck For Milling Head, #A2943

Other 3-in-1 combo tools on the market are NOT EVEN in the same category for quality as the Smithy line of combo machine tools. Smithy Lathe-Mill-Drill Industry Standard Combo Lathe Mill Drill

The design sold by Smithy was developed in the 1980's and quickly became popular because the Emco-Meier design had four disadvantages: 1) Much smaller milling capacity, 2) the mill can't be moved out of the way when you want to use the lathe (like you can with a Smithy combo), 3) the lathe turning cross feed capacity is limited because the mill ...

Sep 17, 2010· If space is limited I would lean towards just getting a good-quality American lathe. You can do quite a few small milling jobs on a lathe with a cross-slide milling attachment. It looks like the Smithy Granite series addresses some of the problems that I have with our Midas (Camlock spindle, R8 mill spindle, slower speeds, ect.).

If the 3 in 1 were not as good as (or no better than) the lathe and Palmgren, I would be surprised. ... than the thread, but I'll ask anyway. In moving our machine shop in our highschool, maintainance dropped the little smithy lathe/mill combo we just had donated. They broke a pulley, bearing housing and a hand wheel. ... with one piece of ...

How to Put a Machine Shop on Your Bench Top - Guaranteed to Pay It's Own Way - SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1 "With the Granite, you'll have the three most essential metalworking tools, a lathe, milling machine, and a drill press, right in your own shop.

Mar 28, 2012· For a small mill, what about a mini mill head for your lathe? There was a thread in Off Topic about that- looked pretty good- just as much or more space than the 3-1 set ups. Just that the mill worked sideways. Sure seemed like a really good idea.....

Jul 27, 2002· Smithy no longer sells this model but grizzly has a very similar machine, the G9729 with a longer bed on the lathe. The biggest shortcoming of the 3 in 1 machines is the constant setting up and breaking down set-ups from lathe to mill or vice versa.

Jan 21, 2005· I bought a Smithy, but I got the BZ-239 Lathe. not a combo machine. The primary reason was the fact that they have financing. I had also noted that if you have room, you can get the BZ-239, and a small mill, both with the same capacity as the big combo machine, for a little more money than the combo.

Sep 04, 2016· Good to finally hear a recent, first hand account of the smithy. I have been looking at their granite series for a long time. I cannot find any recent reviews but 7 year old reviews from hard core machinists, which do not like the 3 in 1s in general due to set up time when going from lathe to mill.

Lathe comes with quick change tool post, smithy granite 3 in 1 lathe, mill, drill press - brand new & excellent condition . You are bidding on a used SOLD - Smithy lathe w/extras . Have very light wear.

SMITHY MIDAS 12" Lathe, Mill, Drill, Mill 12" X 18". 3 Jaw Chuck. 2 4 tool indexing turret toolholders. ... Spindle Bore. Combo lathe mill drill covered by a1-year parts warranty. Feed Per Rev. 2 independent 1 hp motors (for the lat... HQ 7*12"Mini Metal Turning Lathe Woodworking Tool Cutter Wood Drilling Milling ... Good working condition ...

Apr 07, 2017· Smithy Multi-Purpose Lathe Mill Milling Machine Combo 3 in 1 with DRO and lots of tooling. It is For Sale and I can Ship to most states. Feel free …

Smithy Midas 12" Lathe, Mill, Drill, Mill 12" X 18 . Stonington SMITHY MIDAS 12" Lathe, smithy lathe mill drill combo all complete with cart and tools very good condition ready to go. See complete description Notify me before the end of the auction

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